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Vision Therapy Success Stories

We are proud of what we do at Avenue Vision and our patients should be proud of themselves as well.  Success usually does not come easy, especially when life changes are made.  Below are just a few examples of patients’ success stories.

D.L. Age 9

Girl looking at baseball.My life before vision therapy was kinda hard.  Whenever I tried to read a book, I had a hard time keeping my place.  In soccer, I had a hard time passing the ball straight to another player and when I played goalie, it  was really hard to tell which way the ball was coming from when the other was shooting for goal.  My handwriting was pretty messy too.

Now, when I read I never lose my spot anymore, and the letters don’t jump around.  In soccer, now I can pass better and keep better track of the ball and where it is going.  But, one of the most noticeable things that has changed after vision therapy has been my handwriting.  I can write much straighter, will all my letters the same size and correct spacing.

By sticking with vision therapy, I am a better soccer player, better at riding my bike, I can run straighter and I can actually bet my mom at basketball.  At school, my grades improved and my assignments seem easier.   Homework is easier too, which makes my mom and dad really happy!  After finishing vision therapy, I have less stress in my life too.  I had my eyes retested and they were a LOT better!  I went from 20/40 to 20/25 in my left eye and got to get new glasses!

A.W. Age 11

My life was way different then what it is now.  Before therapy, I couldn’t read or write as fast as other kids.  I would strike out at baseball and most kids thought I wasn’t as good as them.  I didn’t have good comprehension grades and reading was boring to me.  Now its all different.  Ive been reading faster and writing a lot neater.  I changed baseball teams and I’ve been hitting really good!!!   At school, last year at the end I had way better comprehension grades.  All I did when there was nothing to do at school, was read.  Therapy changed my life a lot.


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