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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses were actually invented by Leonardo DaVinci in the 1500’s.  Along with the helicopter and the submarine they had to lie waiting for centuries, while the villagers of his time thought he was crazy.  After all putting glass in your eye???  Then in World War II there was a brand new type of plastic invented to prevent windshields in airplanes from shattering.  After the war, scientists asked themselves what else could be done with this stuff, and hard contact lenses were born.  And so many changes and improvements have been made since that time it is truly amazing.  We have gas permeable contacts that hold corneal shape, daily disposable contacts that you throw away at the end of the day, and for those in lower altitudes the 30 day extended wear lenses.

At Avenue Vision we take fitting contact lenses seriously. Patients often ask us what is the best contact lens. The answer is not a brand name, but  the lens that fits you the best.  Fitting appointments are designed to try on various lenses, so the patient and doctor have choices as to what lens is the most comfortable while providing great optics.  We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies so we are always offering something new.

Optical Heat GraphFor example, Corneal Reshaping Technology (CRT) are lenses designed for night only wear.  Because they are rigid lenses, they actually reshape the patients’ corneas while they sleep.  The flattening of the cornea is completely reversible and provides a safe alternative to LASIK for teenagers and others who want the clarity without correction throughout the day.

Ask our friendly staff how to find out if your prescription is available in this fabulous technology!  303-279-3713


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